Month: April 2019

Windows 10 activator – How to activate Windows 10 Lifetime for Free 2017

You want to know how to Activate Windows 10 for free? Well you are at the right place. Visit our Windows 10 Activator here: This Windows 10 Activator is released by greatest developer that ever exist! It will provide you Free Windows 10 Lifetime. Don’t forget to do all the steps I mention in a video above. Good luck!

Mainframe Emulation (Hercules & x3270) on Linux

Starting a command line “hercules -f hercules.cnf” from hercules directory it starts Main Frame Emulation, then run from Mainframe Console “ipl c” (initial prog load) for start operative system. Interaction is from 2370 pasive terminal emulation running on linux command “x3270” and on its interface connect it to localhost, then appear hercules prompt, after enter type password “zzsecret” and […]

How to Create .deb Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

How To Create Debian Packages 1. Create the directory to hold the project: shell) mkdir /home/USER/debpkgs/my-program_version_architecture 2. Create a directory called “DEBIAN” inside the project directory: shell) mkdir /home/USER/debpkgs/my-program_version_architecture/DEBIAN 3. Copy files into project root directory and include the final paths: /usr/bin/ would be /home/USER/debpkgs/my-program_version_architecture/usr/bin/ /opt/ would…