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Hearthstone no Linux Ubuntu 19.04

Games no Linux. Será? Ordem de instalação para Jogos da Steam: – Instale o Ubuntu 19.04; – Verifique o o Driver Nvidia está atualizado (418); – Abra a Loja de Apps do Ubuntu; – Instale a Steam; – Instale o plugin steam-devices.deb (plugin para controles xbox no PC) Link:… – Instale o WineHQ stable; Link: – Abra a […]

Pop_OS! 19.04 vs Ubuntu 19.04: what are the differences ?

Pop_OS!, System 76’s own Linux distro, has gained quite a lot of attention lately. One question that comes back often is: how does it compare with Ubuntu, on which it’s based ? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two ! Support the channel on Patreon: Follow me on Twitter : Installation Ubuntu still rocks its […]