Khadas Edge – Ubuntu 4K Video Test

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Khadas Edge, docked with Captain Carrier Board, running stock Ubuntu (LXDE Desktop), at 1080P and 4K UI resolutions. We then proceeded to watch YouTube at 1080P and 4K video resolutions as well.

We also show you how the LiPo Battery can keep the Edge powered, even when USB-C becomes disconnected during operation.


One thought on “Khadas Edge – Ubuntu 4K Video Test”

  • NicoD

    November 9, 2018 at 12:02 am

    Good to see you`re working on Ubuntu. I thought it would have been Firefox you were going to use. On my NanoPi M4 only hwacc in Firefox on all Distro`s(except armhf where it doesn`t work). Good work. Greetings.


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