Customize Ubuntu 18.04 : how to fully customize GNOME 3 | Make Ubuntu 18.04 look like Mac Os

To Rollback to default Ubuntu look please watch this Customize your Ubuntu, Fedora as you want. In the video I have customized Ubuntu 18.04 to look like Mac Os. Similar steps are required to customize Fedora or any gnome desktop to Mac Os. link to website: ———————- for fedora ———————————— to install tweak tool: sudo dnf makecache sudo […]

[Windows 7&8] How to add the Jarvis Voice to your pc!

Here it is the video you have all been asking for, how to add the voices! There is a lot more you can do with these that i show but here are the basics! Hope you enjoy and i’ll answer as many questions as i can! Be sure to like and subscribe! ——————————————————————————————— Original Jarvis Desktop tutorial: Jarvis voice […]