Превращаем Ubuntu 15.04 в Mac OS X Yosemite

Терминал открываем сочетанием клавиш Cntrl+Alt+T. Команды: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mbuntu-y-ithemes-v5 sudo apt-get install mbuntu-y-icons-v5 sudo apt-get install slingscold sudo apt-get install mutate sudo apt-get install docky sudo apt-get install mbuntu-y-docky-skins-v5 sudo apt-get install mbuntu-y-lightdm-v5 cd && wget -O config.sh…


HOW TO INSTALL MAC OS X YOSEMITE ON ANY LAPTOP EASY HP PAVILION 15 LINK YOSEMITE : http://eurs.io/6D1U3R9t HOW TO CREATE A PARTITION FOR MAC : 1-Use Run with this command : diskmgmt.msc 2-Right click on windows partiton and choose : reduce the volume 3-Name it and choose the size of the partition (at least 20Gb) 4-and that’s it 😀 […]

LongHorn Windows 7 THEME REVIEW!

One of my personal favorites theme packs that i have found on deviant art…and of course its free….they have both 64bit as well as 32bit system downloads, so go check it out, links will be below. Also head on over to my facebook page and give it a like thanks 🙂 RATE, COMMENT, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!!! link: http://browse.deviantart.com/customization/skins/windows7/visualstyle/?q=skin%20packs&order=9&offset=24#/d4ov2wy LIKE […]

How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO using your Windows 8 retail key

Download file :- http://bit.ly/1d2EaCQ The interface was befuddling to navigate with a mouse and keyboard. And the Metro Start Screen was essentially an operating system unto itself, almost wholly separated from the Windows 7-style desktop. We weren’t disappointed or angry, we were just confused. While Windows 8 has sold well, Steam stats suggest that more than half its game-playing customers […]

Skype for Windows 10 Full Version Released

On Wednesday, TechRadar reports that Microsoft has taken away the ‘Preview’ tag from the title in its latest version for Windows 10, making it a fully-fledged app that is no longer in testing. Microsoft is now comfortable enough for users to recommend Skype for Windows 10 as a fully functional application. The new version includes some new features as well, […]