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Linux/Unix Spotlight: What can the grep and sed commands do for you?

The grep command/utility is a powerful tool for matching a regular expression against text in a file, multiple files, or a stream of input. The sed (stream editor) command can perform text pattern substitutions and deletions using regular expressions, like the ones used with the grep command. In this webinar, John Mullins from Themis will demonstrate the various options of […]

Using apt Commands in Linux [Complete Guide] 2019

In this video, we gonna learn about all apt commands in Linux. and this one is the latest course on my channel so please stay tuned. apt-get is the command-line tool for handling packages, and may be considered the user’s “back-end” to other tools using the APT library. Several “front-end” interfaces exist, such as aptitude(8), synaptic and wajig. If you […]