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Mainframe Emulation (Hercules & x3270) on Linux

Starting a command line “hercules -f hercules.cnf” from hercules directory it starts Main Frame Emulation, then run from Mainframe Console “ipl c” (initial prog load) for start operative system. Interaction is from 2370 pasive terminal emulation running on linux command “x3270” and on its interface connect it to localhost, then appear hercules prompt, after enter type password “zzsecret” and […]

Why I’m Not a Linux User

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Linux Tip: How to use the logsave command

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Lets Explore EasyPeasy Linux | Exploring Operating Systems

EasyPeasey Linux is a discontinued Linux Distro based on Ubuntu and was initially branded as Ubuntu Eee. This Distro is one of many to be deisnged for low end, low budget netbook computers, such as Asus EeePC, hence its original name. WEBSITE: https://channel13tv.weebly.com/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AontriChannel13 BLOG: https://channel13tv.blogspot.com/